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Serving the Needs of Individuals with Limited or No Speech

Augmentative/Alternative Communication & Technology Services (ACTS) is a private agency serving the needs of individuals with limited or no speech who require augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) . ACTS provides Augmentative Communication & Assistive Technology Evaluations and Services to infants, toddlers, and school aged children. ACTS also serves adults with congenital and developmental disabilities. ACTS works collaboratively with professionals and families in the home, school, and community.

ACTS assists public schools in developing capacity to serve their students who require AAC and AT. ACTS is experienced in developing AAC/AT service delivery models and educational programs to meet the needs of individuals with complex communication needs. We have authored tools to guide professionals through AAC/AT decision making. ACTS provides professional training on a variety of topics as well as direct mentorship of professionals serving children who require AAC/AT.

Professional Associates

ACTS Associates

Since 1980 ACTS has expanded to 10 Associates; 8 AAC/AT Specialists and 2 AT Specialists. ACTS provides clinical AAC/AT services throughout the Bay Area and also works with school districts to develop educational programs and AAC/AT Service Delivery models.

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