CSA - Communication Sampling & Analysis

Communication Sampling and Analysis (CSA) is an assessment tool for difficult to test children with complex communication needs. It captures the non-verbal and verbal communication between child and partner(s) in interactive settings and contexts. The web-based application provides guidelines for gathering and analyzing a communication sample, expedites the on-line analysis process, and produces a sample, summary, and narrative report with charts illustrating how (means) and what (functions) the child is communicating.

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AAC/AT Program Development

ACTS has worked with school districts to develop AAC/AT programs and services and build capacity for district staff to serve students who need AAC/AT. IDEA-R mandates that IEP teams consider whether a student requires AT and ensure that AT Tools (low, mid, and high technology) and AT services are made available to students with a disability. Christine Toomey and Marilyn Buzolich have authored AT and AAC Tools Consideration to help IEP teams identify and implement appropriate AT and AAC for a  student based on their profile, abilities, unmet needs and limitations.The Implementation Plan helps teams collaborate on a full day plan that ensures AAC/AT integration throughout the day and appropriate partner and instructional strategies to support successful outcomes. If a student has complex communication or assistive technology needs they can be referred for an AAC or AT Needs Assessment by an AT/AAC specialist. The Tools Consideration, Implementation Plan and Needs Assessments reduce the number of requests for comprehensive assessments, meet the AAC and AT needs of more students, and make the AAC and AT assessment process efficient and “standardized” within a school district.

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