About ACTS

ACTS History

Dr. Marilyn J. Buzolich founded Augmentative Communication & Technology Services (ACTS) in 1980. ACTS is a private specialty practice in the San Francisco Bay Area serving the needs of individuals with limited or no speech and require Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) and/or Assistive Technology. ACTS was named as one of ASHA’s model sites in 1986. Dr. Buzolich is also a co-founder of the internationally recognized Bridge School, founded in 1987. Dr. Buzolich served as a Clinical Director of the Bridge School for its first seven years (1987-1994) and on the Board of Directors for 10 years (1987-1997).  Bridge School is a non-profit organization with an endowment fund to sustain the Future of the Bridge School. To donate and learn more about the Bridge visit (www.bridgeschool.org).

Since 1980 ACTS has expanded to 13 Associates: 11 AAC Specialists, 2 AT Specialists, and 3 AAC Specialists who are also competent in AT. Over the past 42 years Dr. Buzolich has mentored 35 associates and numerous other Speech and Language Pathologist in the public schools. ACTS is a community based service delivery model.  Evaluation and services are provided in the natural environment of the home, school, and community. Our services are not provided in a clinical setting but rather in the communicator’s natural setting with the partners he/she interacts with daily. ACTS established this model to insure the best possible outcomes for our clients.  The structure of ACTS combined with the Processes (How we do what we do to achieve a good outcomes) is what establishes the ACTS “brand” and an expectation of excellence.  It is the ACTS Processes that make it possible for newly minted Speech and Language Pathologists to be mentored in the AAC Specialty. Processes are the best way to impart clinical wisdom to young speech and language pathologists who want to specialize in AAC.

ACTS provides clinical AAC/AT services throughout the Bay Area and also works with school districts to develop educational programs and AAC/AT Service Delivery models. Dr. Buzolich and the Senior Associates also provide professional development and mentoring to help schools develop the capacity to serve the needs of their AAC/AT student population.