ACTS is available to provide consultation to professionals, families, agencies, school districts, and other parties seeking information about Augmentative Communication or Assistive Technology. In some cases Consultation is specific to an individual who uses AAC/AT.  In those cases we would need to do a case review of the client’s records prior to offering any professional opinion.


ACTS is now providing Teleconsultation. This is a professional to professional consultation service offered via Facetime or Skype, email, or phone. This is not to be confused with Tele-AAC Practice (services delivered to AAC Clients). This service is being offered to interested professionals who are not in the San Francisco Bay Area but want to consult with experts in a specialty AAC/AT practice.

Program Development

Dr. Buzolich has developed educational programs and services for children who need Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology using the resources available in the public schools. In addition ACTS has worked with school districts to develop AAC and AT service delivery models to meet the needs of all students who require AAC/AT. Dr. Buzolich and the senior ACTS associates are available to work with districts on developing a plan. This typically begins with a district wide survey to gather census information and identifying the training needs of the district staff. ACTS will work with the district to put a plan in place that is aligned with the cultural values of the school community. In some school districts that translates to specialized classroom programs such as the AAC Classroom or AAC Cluster (2 or more students in a SDC using AAC) while in others there is greater emphasis on full inclusion.  Models for delivering AAC and AT services in school districts vary with the size of the district, the demand for services, and the internal resources available. ACTS can help schools develop a sustainable Plan.

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