Alison Pentland, M.A., CCC-SLP

Alison Pentland, M.A., CCC-SLP

AAC/AT Specialist
Speech/Language Pathologist


Alison Pentland, M.A. joined ACTS in the spring of 2014 first as an Extern. She was awarded the ACTS AAC –CF Mentorship in July 2014. Alison received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College and her Master of Arts degree in Speech/Language Pathology at San Jose State University. Alison was included in Dr. Wendy Quach’s Project AACES-Augmentative and Alternative Communication in the Educational Setting Grant. Alison completed AAC Evaluation and Treatment Clinics at SJSU and was supervised by Dana Albrecht. Alison attended Building Bridges AAC Camp and Training Institute in the summer of 2013. Dana Albrecht and Marilyn Buzolich are jointly mentoring Alison. She has a diverse caseload and is doing an outstanding job.

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