Mentorship Program

ACTS – AAC CF Mentorship Program for New Speech/Language Pathology Graduates

ACTS has a CF AAC Mentorship program for Speech/Language Pathology Grads beginning in August 2018. ACTS will offer direct training, co-treatment and close mentorship to a new grad interested in developing expertise and specialization in AAC/AT. There are opportunities to work with children ages 3-22 in educational settings in the San Francisco, East Bay, and Santa Clara areas. In addition there are opportunities to work with clients in their home.

Agency Information

ACTS is a private specialty practice serving the needs of severely speech impaired individuals who require Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Primary Responsibilities

Job Qualifications


Send Resume and Letter of Interest to:
Dr. Marilyn J. Buzolich
415-333-7739 (off)